Photography: Valerie Kuypers

The Vruchtenbuurt is a pleasant urban neighbourhood that exudes the atmosphere of the 1930s. It features many spacious walk-up flats, but also single-family homes. The neighbourhood is composed of quiet city streets, small public squares and attractive courtyards.

Shops are located on the Appelstraat and the Vlierboomstraat, in the heart of the Vruchtenbuurt. Here you can do your day-to-day shopping, browse the fashion stores and enjoy a coffee and a bite to eat. Apartments are located above many shops, so the neighbourhood is lively even in the evenings.

Leafy front gardens and tree-lined streets make this a very green neighbourhood. If you have a green thumb, but no garden to call your own, you can rent a seasonal allotment in the neighbourhood garden on the Kornoeljestraat.

Or if you’d rather get in a good workout, there are many local sports associations, and the Waterthor swimming pool on the Thorbeckelaan. Or you can go for a run on the beach or in the dunes, which are just a 15-minute bike ride away.

In the Vruchtenbuurt, the average tax appraisal value of a single-family home is € 360,216 (prices in 2015) and apartments are appraised at an average of € 174,659 (prices in 2015).

If you are interested in information about accessibility, home prices, demographics and other figures about the neighbourhood, please see the infographic on this page.

What makes the Vruchtenbuurt so laid-back?

  • Appelstraat and Vlierboomstraat: cosy place to shop or eat lunch.
  • Moerbeiplein and Abrikozenstraat: Green residential courtyards.
  • The Waterthor: Indoor swimming pool.